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sábado, 27 de abril de 2013

Por fin ha llegado en nuevo firmware para el A400.

Cerca de dos meses esperando en nuevo firmware, después de unas cuantas versiones beta Could Media (antes Syabas) ha publicado oficialmente el nuevo firmware para el Popcorn Hour A400. Se trata de la versión 05-01-130329-25-POP-422-000 y tener mucho cuidado al instalar, se trata de un firmware que no es posible volver a versiones anteriores después de la instalación.
Nota: Se trata de un firmare que no es posible volver a versiones anteriores.
Release date: 2 April 2013
Firmware version: 05-01-130329-25-POP-422-000 (STEPSTONE FIRMWARE)
Extra Notes:
Please take note that this firmware is a Stepstone Firmware, it is not possible to flash back to previous public firmware  05-01-130205-24-POP-422, because there are major changes in the microcode!
1. Known Issues
  • Playing a DVD with DD over Avr and then play any file with PCM gives just noise
  • BD with TrueHD when keep on pressing Info/Title button will get audio drop issue
  • BD audio does not always follow BD language set at setup page
  • Adaptive Deinterlacing & Film Cadence Detection causing issues with frameratesync and MotionBars when enabled
2. Firmware
  • Fixed after playback video using audio passthrough, YouTube does not have audio output
  • Fixed App Market Video streaming issues
  • Fixed audio now playing screen highlight on wrong song sometimes
  • Fixed Blinking on some mkv test files Dexter and Batman with 1080p24 with 1080p60 no issue!
  • Fixed BD with TrueHD when switching next/prev chapters cause audio out of sync
  • Fixed subtitle out of sync after seek or resume from bookmark
  • Fixed audio out of sync after seek
  • Fixed some BD hang issues
  • Fixed crash at the end of music playlist playback for certain mp3 files
  • Fixed Prev/Next issue with BDMV and BD Iso
  • Fixed Bookmark not working with BDMV and BD Iso
  • Added “Right Eye First” Setting
  • On 3D BD Playback press the “Setup” on your Remote, in Video at the first entry you can switch between “Right Eye First” and “Left Eye First”
  • Added 3DRL Tag to switch to “Right Eye First”, currently only supported on files movie.3DRL.ssif, will get added for ISO in next build
  • Improved Video streaming performance
  • Improved Buffering issues with some 1080p mov Apple Trailers
  • Improved transition with seamless branched BDs
  • Improved zoom/panning speed
3. System
  • Fixed some flac does not show metadata in now playing page
  • Fixed focus at bd_rip, dvd_rip and video_iso, hit play key able to play playlist issue
  • Fixed or Improved Network Drop Issue
  • Enabled screensaver when photo slide show is paused
  • Update language files for German, Italian, Czech and Hungarian
4. NMJ
  • Fixed update scan could keep duplicating the same external subtitle record to database
  • Fixed AVCHD always get file size zero in scanner#
  • Fixed scanner do not update TV series rating during update scan after adding another seasons
  • Fixed scanner do not update total runtime, rating, last play item records for TV series/season/episode, multiple movies during update scan after removing some files
  • Fixed incorrect last play item record for TV show
  • Added customizable TV series poster feature

NMT Apps Version : 05-01-130315-25-POP-422

  • Updated to work with new Firmware

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