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miércoles, 13 de marzo de 2013

RS-232 Null Modem DB9 Female / Female

This time I bring you a little tutorial on how to make an RS-232 Null Modem DB9 Female / Female.

This type of cable is useful for many things, for example I use it to flash the bin of my Pansat 2700th.
This cable is priced as $ 25 depending on country, that's what it is here in Mexico so that if you are for people like me who need it and not have much budget, read this short tutorial.

Well for starters neceritaremos:

-A soldering iron and solder for electronics.

Serial 2 terminals female DB-9.

and cable with 7 wires (In this case you can use 2 keyboard or mouse cable not work as they bring 4 threads each)

With this at hand we proceed to make the connections, first take into account the order of the pins is as follows:

 Ok now if this is the order they are to be connected:

 5 (GND) -----------------------------------------5 (GND)
3 (TX) ------------------------------------------2 (RX)
2 (RX) ------------------------------------------3 (TX)
8 (CTS) -----------------------------------------7 (RTS)
7 (RTS) -----------------------------------------8 (CTS)
6 (DSR) -----------------------------------------4 (DTR)
4 (DTR)------------------------------------------6 (DSR)

 Example, for those who do not have very clear yet pin 3 of DB9 will connect to pin 2 of the other.
and vice versa as indicated above order.

soldered with the soldering iron pins on all terminals except those who do not come up that are 1 and 9 these are left unconnected.

Doing all this to prove it, ami I worked the first time, check only offer good order.

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